5 Top Advantages Shared Hosting

Advantages Shared Hosting is one of the most frequently ask question among our clients. Many Peoples are mixed with Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting and Dedicated Hostings. However, they are really confused to start with hosting.

My Experience is also the same. I don't know how to choose around the hosting, shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Virtual Private Server. Finally, My life started with shared hosting because there are many advantages. 

Here are 5 top advantages of Shared Hosting. Read below to the end to get Bonus Tip. :D

Advantages Shared Hosting

Advantages Shared Hosting

1. They are managed

One of the trusted reason for advantages shared hosting is they are managed by professionals. You don't have to install your web server, configure your server and manage the security. They are managed by the professionals and you can have your own personal website within minutes with cheapest cost and fastest efforts.

2. They are cheap

You will get this idea that they are really cheap, including server configurations charges and other hidden fees. They are really cheap that you are allocating specific amount of server resources than owning the whole server. They are shared with clients like you and you only have to pay shared amount of server. Check out Our Pricing. 

3. They are fast

To start or subscribe a shared hosting, they are already configured it for you. You have to bring your website and sit in. You don't have to think much about your web server to be configured as fast or not. Instant Activation is compulsory for shared hosting.

4. Fully Support

You can face multiple problems building your website and you have to rollback your website into earlier working version. You can get fully support from your stuff and you can get help within minutes. 

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5. They worked for you

You will miss to make the backup of your website and some other required works to make your website alive. This is usually happens when you started your business but you won't think about that your hosting is do this things for you. Most of the web admins do the jobs for you and work on behalf of you. One thing is they will ask or charge more on working of your behalf.

Bonus: Free Domain and Beneficial Credits

Most top Shared Hosting Services provide free domain and beneficial credits such as Google Ads Credit or Facebook Ads Credit. They are optional but if you want to start your business, this is one of the thing you have to think about.

If you purchase a hosting for one year, they sometimes provides a free domain which is worth about 15 USD per year. Check the hosting price that the hosting with domain price is usually higher than the normal price. If you have a domain name, don't use them.

If you have some ideas about that, comment below. Love it , share and save for future use. Thank you.

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