Covid 19 Resources

We are working remotely on Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdowns which affects both health and economic sector. During Home stay and Lock down periods, we would like to provide Covid 19 resource page about how we can utilise and transform landscape of our businesses.

In this page, we would like to provide how to run your business like normal during pandemic times, ranging from hosting to support things- both online and offline to ease your business flow. 


  • 3 incredible uses of shared hosting

    Shared hosting uses widely for hosting regular web pages, ranging from hosting static pages to e-commerce. We should know that we can use more incredible way for gaining audiences. What are they? Let's find out!

    Contact Tracing

    In Covid-19 Pandemic, Contact tracing become fundamental. Many customers have to fill up the boring form to work with businesses. You can create a fillup form using WordPress and generate QR then print it on your screen or a piece of paper. You only need to collect Name, Email, Phone and Address in basic requirements.

  • covid-19 proof hosting

    Covid-19, alternatively known as Wuhan Virus, is spreading around the world. Around 40 countries reported and thousands died. This will leads to business falls and now leading to a global recession. Many businesses are expanding to fulfil customers needs are now reclining from the nib to save budgets. This suddenly stopped demands may lead to a global recession, experts say.

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