Interview with Gaming Kwee

Lovely Family Host is hosting interviews with customers around the globe to serve you how they have reached their goals while working together with Lovely Family Host. This week, we would like to invite Ko Aung Win Htut, from Gaming Kwee, to share his knowledge about working with a website and how he has made his way towards the gaming section using a website hosted with Lovely Family Host. 

Gaming Kwee

Hi, Gaming Kwee, welcome to Lovely Family Host. Before we started, can you introduce yourself?

Hello Steve. First of all I am gaming kwee And I’ve been playing games so long ago says family games era, And I am playing the piece of games and also interested in the hardware such as Building a new PC upgrading existing ones and create new ones And again upgrading the existing ones In unlimited loop, and I built my new Gaming PC in last year August. I know I’m trying to Upgrade my newest PC. 


So you’ve introduced that you and your hubby is the game so how long have you been playing with PCs?

In gaming, there are two different between Gaming consoles and PCs, etc. In my starting, in my life, I’ve started from family games. There were no family games in our homes at that time and we have to go out and play to game stations. The prices are 50-100 MMK/Hour. Later, I have got a Nintendo family console and the rise of SEGA games come to our homes. Nintendo, which is known as Laser, then Sony. There is a huge difference between Nintendo and Sony, such as graphics and Cartridges and CDs. 

In 2001, PC games started to become popular. When I’ve got jobs later, I have used PCs for three years and changing once per 3 years. Later, I bought the last one and use high specs and I used that for five years. In 2018, I cannot upgrade my existing PC anymore and I have to build a new gaming PC and It has become the source of starting Gaming Kwee.

So, may I know about your progress in starting gaming kwee?

To make sure where it starts from, It started with buying a new machine. I used to play huge video PC games. So, I would like to share and play with my friends, and also gaming experience to other people. That’s why I have started gaming kwee website. That is the first reason. Another reason is I’ve been attended a social media diploma class at the moment. To practice in the real world, I need a website to test it. My new PC has been built and a new page is also required and I started creating a page. My only hobby is only Gaming and Hardware so I started my Page. My first intention is to test the content of my course, but later, I focused more on building the website with WordPress. That makes me awesome. At the same time, the class has also about building WordPress websites. So, I can’t stop working only with facebook pages. I wanna go online (website) for making an official website for my gaming kwee. There are only very few people who publish a website about gaming and there is no website about hardware and the gaming connection website pushes me to build it.

I have started your website for 1 year. Yesterday, I have seen that Facebook show me the memory of my PC has been built for 1 year. Page was built 1 month later after my new PC has built.

What pushes you to build your website?

I have tested Wordpress in earlier times only with the default theme. In this class, I have got the premium theme for free and it is also very useful and functional to build my website.

My first step is to get a place on the internet, then I register a domain with around 15000 MMK costs. To get hosting, hosting is not my type. There are two divisions. I can register domain myself and I can do managing my WordPress website but I don’t know how to use the hosting to host my website and publish it online across the internet. Then I have to get support from Ko Lwin Maung Maung of Lovely Family Host that I would like to subscribe to hosting and to publish the website which can be seen all over the world.

May I know one main thing. Many people are mostly stayed in working with facebook pages and You, as gaming kwee, started to publish your official website to pass through social media? What are your potentials?

OK. This is not a big thing. In facebook, the content can’t be searched easily. For example, I would like to find a guidepost when I need it. If I cannot find in the search bar, I’ve to scroll down to the end. On the website, there is a search box on my website. I can search for my content easily. 

Many people ask me on my Page how to buy GTA V. GTA V has been limited to some countries and we cannot buy directly from Myanmar. It does not appear with naked browsing. You have to tunnel through another country to access or buy the game. So, I find the post by typing in search engine for example., “India Store Gaming Kwee” and my website post has come first and I only have to make copy the link to the questioner to my page. That took only 1 minute to do this job. 

The website is also another functionality. You can post multiple images in one post and you can mostly images and 3 lines of texts and image again. In FB, you cannot make such a thing. You can only post-album and you can only do caption on your facebook post. I can include the shops and Google Maps on my website to make my visitors make ease of use.

So, you mean is the website make profits not only your visitors but also yourself? 

Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Especially finding the products for visitors. For example, some people want to find Corsair products and I have to find Corsair categories page and send the link to the people who are seeking some information from me. Sometimes, they want to know the monitor and They can reach there easily. I didn't take any dealership but I can put on my website to make visitors get information easily about the products they are interested in. 

Can you tell me any memorable experience about building your website?

 There is Thadingyut Holidays during my website was set up. There are 5 days holiday in Thadingyut and I also took two days off, so, there will be about 7 days I got. I have planned to play and stream the game but I didn't play very well. I tested various functions and features of my WordPress theme and, ah, actually I did not play the games for two days. After a week, the website had mostly done.

Can you express how did you choose our hosting, Lovely Family Host, and why did you choose us?

First of All, if I subscribe a hosting from any other hostings, I cannot ask about mostly anything when something happens. As I have stated earlier, the website has been set up in Wordpress, or there are some drafted website exists, and the domain name has been reserved, but you cannot do anything about how to host your website. To be exact, I want to show my website when visitors enter my domain name and the website must be shown up. I have to point my domain to my subscribed hosting, but I can leave it to Lovely Family Host. They set up on my behalf. This also applies to technical issues. In other hostings, I don't know where to ask for my problems.

In connection to foreign hosting providers, the phone line charges are high and we have to take time to call and speak in a foreign language. We can communicate via email, true, but in technical documentation, we have to solve for a structured language of the language which we do not use every day. There are language barriers. 

The payment type is also one of the main problems. The payment to foreign providers includes the exchange of cash to another currency and they are varying day by day and some complex issues. When subscribing through Lovely Family Host, these issues are resolved.

Is there any features request or suggestion about Lovely Family Host?

I'm a hardware hobbyist and I'm not familiar with web hosting, I am currently found nothing for suggestions to request. 


May I know the future plans of Gaming Kwee?

I have got some plans about World of Warcraft to put on my website. Currently, I often play WOW and this game is not only about gaming but also widespread stuff. For example, there are many camera views on PUBG. There are some limitations to zooming in or out within the game. When the limit arrives, you cannot zoom in or out anymore.

In WOW, there are some add-ons to overrule the limitations, like jailbreaking to iPhone. When you jailbreak, you can convert the name of the carriers or you can change the style of any signal indicator style or even icons.

There are also some tweaks on spell indicators and the picture is about Rome's background theme, and you can change to another thing if you don't like the current display style. Technically, we call it UI. In maps of PUBG, we can scroll on the map to zoom in or out. However, in WOW, we have to type +/- to zoom. So, we can add add-ons to overrule some disturbances. There are tons to add-ons. 


On my website, I would like to make a tab and includes the add-ons and explain how each of the add-ons works. Some may like but some may not like it. 

On the hardware side, I requested many providers earlier times but I cannot make some efforts on updates currently. If they provide updated prices, I update but I'm not a real detailer from them, I have some limitations to ask for the price lists.

Interview with Gaming Kwee

How can the readers reach you?

The social network is one of the mainstream here so you can reach via the social network, and on my website.

Some readers ask about building new PCs and some ask for old PCs. If they are planning to play Dota or some old games which do not require much graphics, I recommend some low-end gaming PCs. Newly built are not a big concern but when they ask about to buy older builds, there is something we have to take care of. The old PCs do not have the ability to play the latest games. They have to tune or upgrade some parts to work around. Some may work with the lowest graphics details. If an old PC will only last for 6 months and the price is around 600 USD, it is costly. So, I make some suggestions via social media. You can reach via specific Channels.

Thank you so much for your time and participation in an interview with Lovely Family Host. Thank you again for your warm participation. 


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