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SSL is the amazing security tools for your website. It protects not only your server but also your customers by encrypting the data between end-to-end. So, we require to use SSL and buy from anywhere. Is it necessary and how will it work if it becomes invalid. Invalid SSL is the most horrible thing when included. We will state how invalid certificate can destroy your business.

How SSL works?

SSL is a secure socket layer which protects your data between the server and the client(you). The server encrypts the contents with a valid certificate and sends to you via the unprotected internet connection.

Is Internet Secure?

The Internet itself is not secure. The internet means interconnectivity between computers then they are half-opened. The person who has enough knowledge can tap your connection. In the telephone era, people tap phone lines by Striping the wires and tap them. Internet Era is the same. The ISPs, developers and even some technical persons can get your data if your data travels as plain text.
Data protection started with SSL. 

Invalid Certificate

We stated earlier that SSL requires a valid certificate. However, if the certificate is not valid, you can still send but the invalid SSL can come from your machine or anyone else which means insecure. The certified authority must sign the SSL to become valid ones. The approves the certificate and we can see without any limitation.

Invalid Certificate kills both your reputation and your security. Invalid certificate can come not only from your server but also from any other computer, which means insecure. The visitor can easily think that your site is not secure. 

Some browsers do not allow visitors to visit the site if they do not have valid certificates. If your site pushes invalid certificate, your visitors cannot access your website. This is blocked way worse than serving in plain text.

You can only solve this thing by getting a valid SSL certificate. You can get both Letsencrypt or buying a legal certificate from any store. or even get free by hosting with us. Here

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