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Internet becomes faster and faster. Your jobs need to be done on time with speed. You have to visit a website to get your organization needs, but they are extremely slow. You are inside a nightmare in the noontime.

Your daily life is filled with multi-speed things. Speed Bus, Speed Trans or Speed Internet. The last one will be more favourable. You need your speed to complete them on time.

If you are on the other side of your website slow. Can you blame others or blame yourself, or even the IT department? You need first to analyze your problem to make your sales.

Analyze your website for speed

Does your website fulfil your needs or are they bringing you back? Is it the problem with your website? or You base system? or other unspecified things? Even your Internet Connection? or Hosting?

Let's first check from the last, Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the main reason to down speed. However, they are not most of the solution. Shared hosting may be slower than virtual private server or dedicated server, but they are not as slow as you think. You can check they are slow or fast by pinging to server. If your server is not working properly, you should change to another hosting provider. 

Your Internet connection

Your internet connection is one of the last things you will check when your website loading slow. You will not even know about how your website works. You have to think that you should check your location and connectivity to your website. We cannot get a full mark if our internet is slow.

Base System

A base system is one of the most happening reasons for your website slow. You will use WordPress or any other CMS with multi plugins, your website will become slow. It will slow over time to time and you do not add support to your website, no one will help you to increase your website speed.

Finally Your website

The former things are not the main reason to slow your website. However, the items we are not interested in are pulling our websites back. If your website is slow, you will think former things. The website will slow down when you add high images or multiple plugins to work together. These are the following reasons for your website become slow.

High-Resolution Images

Many People or business wants their websites fast but they forget one main thing. Visiting a website is downloading the images and files from the server. Too many loaded images will make the website successfully slow.


The animations will make the website slow enough because they require a lot of resources to work with. The animation will be Hello World but there will be multi kilobytes of data have to be downloaded to your client's computer. So, the higher the animation, the slower the website loads.

Multi Plugins

Especially CMSes, the plugins are adding functionality to CMS performance. The other downside is they are pulling your website back. You can't add more function without paying anything to your website.


Videos are one of the reasons to slow down your website. Your website needs to fast loading. If they are slow and waiting with loading videos, you will fail. 


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