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Many websites are built for many purposes. Some are interested in sharing their arts, pieces of knowledge and also E-sports nowadays. They target a lot of users including PhDs to local people. Some websites get paid but some are not. Two options.

If you are interested in building such a website and you have got traffics from all over the world and you have juiced your knowledge and charges for your hosting and domain bills. In the long term, there is one question arises. Who will pay the bill? Famous vs Money.

Many knowledge sharing people got money from their careers, they got supplies from their careers and they use some portion of their income to share their knowledge with you. But one thing we have to know is jobs are not forever.

How can they stand without any effort of paid? It is really simple. They can stand by advertising. You publish your content and the advertisers come to you. Very simple.

How websites get paid

Have you ever think about the newspaper you read every day? They have multiple columns or pages which include tons of advertising. In older times, when black and white, and later with colors. Websites get paid in the same way.

The ads are really simple. You publish your blog or newspaper with your content and your visitors are going to read it. When reading this, the advertisers who put ads on your website show their ads and when the visitor sees interesting ads or topics about ads, they will redirect and click. That's simple.

Ads Networks

Ads Network is a set of tools which is connecting the advertisers to the publishers and vice versa. They give a couple of codes to add on your website or provide a plugin for your WordPress and then done, they will start to show their ads according to your content or maybe not.

They provide ad spaces and you can add in your website spaces and they will start showing ads. If the visitor interest in their ads and click on it, they will redirect to the vendor website and you will get paid. Not much, but reasonable.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the most authentic and popular networks across the globe. They provide the code and paste on your website and done. They start showing their ads and their payment is also reasonable. 

Before you started on google Adsense, you have to follow their guidelines and you will have to fill the form to start a review. If your review has been processed and you are eligible to work with them, they will start to show ads on your website.

They require some sorts of traffic to your website to show ads so don't submit to review if you only have a new website with a few blog posts. You have to get at least 100 posts and the traffic of 1K per month to get the review. No stripped content, violence, piracy and more.

Propeller Ads

If Google Adsense is very strict for you, You can get propeller Ads. They are more simple. You currently have no require to review and you will get paid when you display their ads on your website. It is the second solution if you don't have approved by Google Adsense. ( Don't forget to try propeller ads). Many websites get paid by this network.

Websites get Paid - Propeller Ads Promo

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