Email Becomes Easier
Than Ever

CPanel Hosting
Our Roundcube Based Hosting System will makes you manage emails faster than ever. Simplified User Interface will make you to become faster management and data transfer system to ease with your data and information. Your data and informations are passed as Virgin and you are fully control of it.

Roundcube is one of the opensource program which leads the industry. Opensource the application is nature of productivity. Roundcube will make our system faster and easier using built in technology and protecting from infecting your computer by blocking remote images.
modern email clients
modern email clients

Support for Major Mail Clients

Native support for multiple mail clients, such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook or even opvensource Mail Clients such as Epiphany or Thunderbird. Work with any modern clients for ease of use and productivity.

Work with existing Apps

If you are using normal Emails like Gmail or any other Mails in Apple Mail, that is cool. You can use with current apps to avoid conflict any mail system. Work like a charm and configuration is so cool.

Work on the go

With Normal Embed, You can work on the go. You can leave the office because they are only place to leasure. You are not limited to work in the office. Bring your mobile, go everywhere, even in beauty salon,, to work with you business. If you are startup, you have more freedom to work with.