Invest your website in 2020

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Building a website seems to be easy, but this requires a lot of human power and needs special attention to stay ahead of others. Many clients, including me, thinking that we are easy to build a website and start selling or promoting our products. However, centuries have changed to 21st with we passed 20 years, everything changed. You can watch a lot of videos on Youtube, surf the best collection of your needs with the help of AI. You can also invest website.

The websites are playing an influential role in today media. We can set them as our sales agent, the best man for our sales and even provide support instead of ourselves.

Starting a website is as easy as opening a computer. You plug to the power outlet, switch it on and awakened. After start-up, you have to start using your computer. If you cannot use properly or effectively, you will not get any reward. You have to use effectively and efficiently to get in return.


Building a website is more resource required than using a computer. A volatile digital environment is much expensive than other platforms. Despite saving the earth and reducing wastes, they also remove your masterpiece with a wrong click. Everything is running on electric furthermore they will run away with the cut of power supply.


The internet boomed in the 1990s plus we see a lot of these booming technologies. Everything we met is ranging from Emails to Web Servers and WorldWide DDoS attacks. Mobile devices usage raised and a lot of us is using them.


The internet is now 50 years old. A lot of development happens in communication and improving our daily lives. In the business sector, pamphlets become ads on Facebook to meet our needs.


So, How about our websites? Our websites built of multiple pieces of information which will lead customers to buy our things. They can research our products on the internet furthermore even they can choose us among our competitors. We can sell cross borders so the customers can reach through using the internet within a few minutes.


There are a lot of profits left using our websites to sell our products to our customers. However, there is one question? How do you build your website to your customer? How can your customers get information about your products or get support if they don't know how to use our product? 


Invest website - Website as a business card

The main problem of our sales is our websites stays like a business card. Nothing more than that. We have to keep in mind that no customers will come and waste their internet charges to get your address. They can get your information easily on Search Engines or even Social Networks including your ratings, if you invest website of your own.


Invest website - Starting a website is a lot easier than maintaining it

Starting a website is very easy. We can register a domain name of our choice, get a hosting or even grab a free service to get our website up and mostly done.

A real thing starts now. Our website only included our little information with Home, About Us and a few tabs. Our visitors cannot get anything more. They become unsatisfied with our website. If they cannot get support within our websites, they will leave forever and never come back. Website building remains very easy except maintaining it will be more difficult. In the next section, we will cover how important is managing a website.


Invest website - Managing a website

Our Main website has published since 2012, but we left as-is until 2015. No visitors came to our websites in return. The website worked as a business card. In 2016, We started a new version of our website and adding blogs and more. After one year of investment, customers come to see the updates, every day and weeks. We are not sure we are good enough. We can only give our visitor one thing, hope.

Many visitors come back for one hope that will bring new content. They visit the website and reach the blog and read the contents. The more information we provide, the more satisfaction they will get.


Maintainance comes right after the build-up

Many businesses do not like to maintain their website even they know that is important. They mostly think about publishing the website at first, and hoping for the profit of their websites. However, Improvements need time. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Maintaining your website will be a difficult task. You have to prepare all the required documents to publish to the internet, the pictures and so on.

If we are not prepared correctly, our website will not be as good as we think. They need well-prepared documents and showcase design to work properly. 

To make these things work, we have to make sure that our documents, support blogs are working well. If they are not working properly, they will not give anything back to us.

Image by Dominic Alberts from Pixabay - Invest website

To Invest website - What should include on a website?

Roughly, A website should include the followings: -

  1. Clear Website Structure
  2. Customer-oriented blogs
  3. Support blog
  4. Contact Form and Address information
  5. Customer Panel


Clear Website Structure is one of the most important things about the website. If a website is full of multiple blocking designs for our customers, they will become annoyed and leave. 

Customer-oriented blogs are required to show tips and tricks, updated information and announcements to our customers. They required to give exact information about our products not only to our customers but also to the whole world.


Customer-oriented blogs are one of the main reason to attract customers. The customers do not exactly know and think as we are and know about our product. They have to explore and even we are. So, we need to support blogs to make ease of use. These kinds require about tips and tricks, multiple use cases and ideology things.


Support blogs are different. Support blogs should only emphasis on detail product information. We should not add stats and tips and tricks to help our customers. They are like manuals to access our products.


Contacts should available to our customers. Your customers will contact you through the website and the forms should be available to our customers.


Customer Panel is a little twisty. If you are not providing technological products, they are not highly required but most businesses require customer panel for ease of use and information transparency. Personalisation is one of the main reason to use customer panel and it is important to gain trust.


Invest Website - Living Styles of people in 21st Century

Many businesses thought the website should be available with a small amount of information but they deserve more. You can invest your website means you are investing in your business in the online era.

In earlier times, if a person wanted to buy something, he/she went to the store to buy something. They touched and felt. If they liked it, they will buy. If they did not want it, they left our product on our shelves.

Today is a lot different. If we want to buy something, we are going up to a social network or specific websites to get reviews of our products and they will check the documents about our products. If they like it, we are lucky enough to win their hearts.


Around 70% of new buyers researched over the internet about our products.


Invest Website Tip - Post Caring

After-sales service is one of the main duties in caring for our customers. Many people leave their suppliers because customers feel that they are neglected. If they feel unsafe or untrusted, they will leave us. This is the main reason to care for our customers. We care not to sales more but to make our customers feel safe. Our customers can be reached easily via email, Facebook and many other platforms to make them feel safe and happy.


Invest website - Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not widely used in our country but this is the most effective way to reach our customers. We can reach in detail about our products with links and descriptions. We can say that we can reach via social network but the social network is not designed to focus to each customer. In each email, we can add information about our products and link back to our website in detail.


Social Media is one of the most effective ways to reach our customers. However, to precise, Social media is targeted to reach new customers. When we acquire our customer, we have to focus to our customers directly to show how we care about them. We cannot let them see our promotions or important documents only if they find through tons of social garbages. We have to respect and send them important pieces of information.


Invest website - Social Media

Social Media is one of the effective ways to acquire more people to see our products and use them. They will bring passive voices of our products. They will reach for new items, products reviews and even more, sharing proud of using our products. We can reach them through our official pages, posts and shares by our big fans. They are precious to our product improvement. There is one main thing left, the feedback. 


Many users will not give feedback because they do not want to leave much time answering our questions. However, on social media and another person ask something about our product. They will reach us. This is the main reason to use our social media as a tool to reach our customers. They can share, learn and work together to build their community to start corporating with us.


Invest website in 2020

The main profit we can get in these years is we should invest fully in our websites and contents. If we do not prepare correctly, we will face with the decline. If we care more about our website, we can reach more customers in depth. Winning a customer's heart requires a lot of works to reach their heart. Time by time works will win the heart of our customers. The last thing we have to say is ready to give thing essential to them, with love.